Monday, January 2, 2012

At Last

As most of you probably  know, we already moved in and that has taken much of our time, as you might expect.  I won't put a ton of commentary; the pictures speak for themselves!

Landscaping post will be next.
We wanted to do unique light fixtures, as they can be switched out if our tastes change. 

These are original, re-finished floors.

The light fixture came from School House Electric.  It looks cool in pictures, but the 40 watts of light it emits are about equal to me holding my cell phone up in the dark to see...

Guest Bathroom off of the utility room.

When baby #2 gets here in June, there's no doubt this sink will suffice for a bath tab.

Landing at the top of the stairs.

Master Bedroom.

Ended up having to buy new doorknobs, but we were very happy with the ways these look.

Master Shower.

More Master Bath.

Mast Bath Sinks.

Master Closet.

Hattie's Room.  The light fixture came from the  dining room in our last house. 

Hattie's Bath.

For Hattie's bathroom, we decided not to do the floor to ceiling subway, but use the chair rail trim instead. 

Baby #2's room.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Total Destruction

We waited until a bit late in the project (to make sure we had enough mulah) to tackle tearing down the garage.  Unfortunately, we can't locate a before picture!  However, you can see that there isn't much left anymore!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Snow White and the Seven Painters

With the trim complete, Keri and I poured over paint wheels to find just the right combination of colors.  Who knew there were so many shades of "white"...  While we didn't exactly go out on a limb with our color choices, we wanted to do just the right colors that were just a few degrees off of standard. 

BTW, it took some time for me to get this post up because I couldn't stand to be in the house for more than about 15 seconds when they painted on a given day.  I don't see how the painters have any brain cells left and after talking to them my suspicions were confirmed. 

We have always like the Benjamin Moore line and didn't see reason to change on this project.  For the trim we selected Snow White (2122-70).  In the kitchen the walls are the exact same color.  For most of the rest of the house, we used Classic Gray (OC-23).  For the dining room we wanted to go just a bit darker with La Poloma Gray (1551).  I know, white and gray, pretty risky!

Classic Gray

Snow White

La Paloma Gray

As I have learned with colors now, I have no idea if these actually match the way the color actually looks on the walls, but you tell me.

This is the view from the front door in.  You can see the snow white trim and classic gray walls.
Living Room
La Paloma Gray in the Dining Room.
This is the snow white on snow white in the Kitchen.
More white...Keri will enjoy keeping this all clean.
Master Bathroom.  Hopefully a new post will soon feature sanded and very darkly stained wood floors.  That's not a veiled way at saying the job is already done and I will be putting up pics soon.  Rather, I hope it actually happens so that we can move in!