Monday, January 2, 2012

At Last

As most of you probably  know, we already moved in and that has taken much of our time, as you might expect.  I won't put a ton of commentary; the pictures speak for themselves!

Landscaping post will be next.
We wanted to do unique light fixtures, as they can be switched out if our tastes change. 

These are original, re-finished floors.

The light fixture came from School House Electric.  It looks cool in pictures, but the 40 watts of light it emits are about equal to me holding my cell phone up in the dark to see...

Guest Bathroom off of the utility room.

When baby #2 gets here in June, there's no doubt this sink will suffice for a bath tab.

Landing at the top of the stairs.

Master Bedroom.

Ended up having to buy new doorknobs, but we were very happy with the ways these look.

Master Shower.

More Master Bath.

Mast Bath Sinks.

Master Closet.

Hattie's Room.  The light fixture came from the  dining room in our last house. 

Hattie's Bath.

For Hattie's bathroom, we decided not to do the floor to ceiling subway, but use the chair rail trim instead. 

Baby #2's room.


  1. The house is absolutely gorgeous!!! I cannot pick what is my favorite part. It is so simplistic and elegant. Love the light fixtures, tile, granite, microwave, wood flooring, need I go on???? GREAT job.

  2. beautiful!
    where did you find those amazing door knobs? also, how did you paint the piano and what color did you use, it is stunning!

  3. You guys did a great job on this house. This is exactly what my husband and I would love to do to a home in the area...but we lack vision! You guys have done an amazing job.